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CentoPortal® is a user-friendly, online, web-based ordering portal designed to assist you at every step of processing your patients’ samples.

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CentoPortal® Allows You to:

  • Browse Centogene’s complete portfolio and order a test in a few easy steps
  • Instantly sign-up and easily create an account
  • Provide the most important clinical information in a structured way
  • Sign the patient consent online
  • Obtain an overview of your patients and the analyses you have ordered
  • Check your sample status
  • Download your patients’ medical report and send it directly to other report recipients with the highest data protection and privacy standards 

Online Ordering Portal

Are you searching for a simple option to request a genetic, biochemical or biomarker analysis, keep track of your samples' status, and manage diagnostic reports?

Explore CentoPortal®

Just follow these easy steps to use CentoPortal®:

Browse CENTOGENE's complete product portfolio at and login

Enter patient details and sign the patient consent online

Submit your order online and send the sample back to us (include the unique QR code you recieve after placing the order)

Track the sample status and download the final diagnostic report

CentoCard® – as easy as mailing a letter

Dried blood spot (DBS) cards for patients’ samples collection and shipment. The simplest way to ship biological samples, making genetic testing available anywhere in the world.

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Latest features of CentoPortal® 4.1

The latest upgrade to CentoPortal® allows you to order in a few steps. In additions physicians can enroll patients in clinical trials online.

Less mandatory fields means you can process your order faster.

A free text option provided throughout your order process lets you easily attach clinical details.

Now you can enroll patients in clinical trials online in an easy and structured way.

New to CentoPortal®?

Creating an account only takes a few minutes.

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For individual questions please contact our CentoPortal® team:

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