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CentoPortal® Partner Services – Help

CentoPortal® Partner Services is easy to use.
This documentation guides you through all steps needed to manage your study, trial or screening program at CENTOGENE.

  1.  User and Group management

  2.  Ordering CentoCard®

  3.  Distributing CentoCard® within your organization

  4.  Documenting the distribution of CentoCard®

  5.  Tracking the progress of CentoCard® throughout the process

User and Group management

  • Invite users as managers or sales representatives
    • Managers can order CentoCard® from CENTOGENE, or other managers, invite users to the project and distribute directly to physicians or to other users
    • Sales representatives can request CentoCard® from managers of the project and distribute filtercards to the physicians
    • Revoke or resend the invitations if necessary

Ordering CentoCard® from CENTOGENE

  • Order in 2 easy steps:
    1. Select project, product details from the dropdown and enter the required quantity
    2. Enter shipping address

Distributing CentoCard® within your organization

  • Users can request CentoCard® easily in 2 step process from the managers of the project
  • Manager can easily assign CentoCard® to the user

Documenting the distribution of CentoCard®

Assign CentoCard® easily to your colleague or directly to a physician

  • Assign CentoCard® by:
    • Lists input (typing CENTOGENE number or scanning QR code of CentoCard®)
    • Select CentoCard® number from the material pool which were assigned to you
    • Select CentoCard® number from the material pool of the project

Tracking the progress of CentoCard® throughout the process

  • See at a glance when your CentoCard® sample arrived at CENTOGENE, when report uploaded on physician’s CentoPortal® account, and when your group members downloaded the report
  • Filter by physician / responsible manager /responsible sales representative or directly search for CG number

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