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"Reproductive Health and Prenatal Genetic Testing"

Throughout the CentoTalk, Clarice Loh provides a detailed overview of CENTOGENE’s prenatal screening options and how prenatal testing plays an essential role in facilitating early answers when they’re needed most.

Key Topics:

  • Clinical Indication and Genetic Testing in Prenatal Cases
  • CentoScreen®, CentoNIPT®, Microarray Testing
  • CentoXome® (WES) & CentoGenome® (WGS)
  • Repeat Expansion Diseases

Our speaker

Clarice Loh, Clinical Genetic Liaison, CENTOGENE

Clarice is a Clinical Genetic Liaison at CENTOGENE – serving the APAC region with best-in-class advice and genetic testing support to healthcare professionals.

Clarice received her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from the University of Western Australia. She then went on to complete her Master of Research in Genetic Medicine at the University of Manchester. Prior to CENTOGENE, Clarice was working as a Research Assistant at the University College Dublin. She also brings years of experience in analyzing and interpreting genetic testing results from her time as a Clinical Genomics Scientist in Shanghai, China.