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Variant Reclassification: When, Why, How

Gabriela-Elena Oprea, PhD
September 10, 2018

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When knowledge turns into value: variant reclassification

Did you know that variant classification and reclassification is an ongoing process that can have a life-long impact on disease management?

Dr. Gabriela-Elena Oprea, Senior Vice President Digital Products at CENTOGENE, introduces you to our highly robust and dynamic variant reclassification program and its long-term impact on patient care.

Discover how CENTOGENE’s variant reclassification enables us to provide you with the latest and highest quality data for the most up-to-date diagnosis.

Webinar content:

  • Variant reclassification: when, why, how
  • Every patient counts! Learn how every piece of evidence impacts variant interpretation
  • Importance of transparent variant reclassification and communication

Our speaker

Gabriela-Elena received her Master’s degree in Human Genetics from the University of Bucharest and a PhD in Natural Science from the University of Cologne. She has extensive experience in human and molecular genetics, performing in multiple fields including cancer, neurodegenerative disorders, rare diseases and data curation. Gabriela-Elena joined CENTOGENE in 2012 and serves as Senior Vice President Digital Products, mainly focused on turning CENTOGENE’s continuously growing data and information into new diagnostic insights and knowledge-driven products.