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Whole Exome Sequencing Course September 2015

September 30, 2015

CentoAcademy® - CENTOGENE´s first master course series workshop was a great success

From 28th-30th of September, the first course of the CentoAcademy® workshop series was held at CENTOGENE headquarters, Rostock, Germany. By participating the WES Master Course 2015, 11 clinicians and clinical scientists from Denmark, Ireland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey took the opportunity to gain deep insight into CENTOGENE`s highly standardized whole exome sequencing (WES) workflow from wet-lab over bioinformatics analysis to final report while having the chance to meet, listen, discuss and interact with our experts in the field of clinical diagnostics.

Our participant’s appraisal

"It was my pleasure to meet the CENTOGENE-team and all participants. Everything was perfectly planned. It was a very informative course for us to understand the detailed WES analysis and how the CENTOGENE-team works carefully and diligently to give correct results." - Ankara / Turkey

"It was my pleasure to attend this intensive course which was well planned. I have learnt a lot about all the mystery when it comes to the results of WES. And now I can comprehend better the final conclusion as well as provide a better genetic counseling for my families." - Jahra / Kuwait

"This was one of the best courses I have ever attended. Everything was perfectly planned. I now have a true understanding of the detailed analysis that you supply us with and even more admiration for the service you provide for us and our patients." - Beirut / Lebanon