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Whole Genome Sequencing Course February 2017

February 20, 2017


February 20-22, 2017; Rostock, Germany

Who should attend:

Clinicians and clinical scientists who are interested in:

  • Gaining deep insights into whole genome sequencing (WGS) workflow from lab to report
  • Benefit from experiences via intensive Hands-on courses supervised by our experts
  • Taking the unique opportunity to discuss with our experts and exchange with others from the field


Desired skills of:

  • Basic lab skills such as pipetting
  • Basic knowledge of clinical variant databases
  • Filtering data with Microsoft Excel
  • Basic knowledge of molecular genetics and clinical genetics

Topics covered:

Lab part:

  • Theoretical background WGS Illumina HiSeqX analyses
  • Hands-on: Gain insights about whole genome sequencing (WGS) lab workflow for Illumina HiSeqX platform

Bioinformatics part:

  • Lecture: bioinformatics analysis of WGS data
  • Hands-on analysis of real WGS cases:
    • Alignment, variant calling, functional annotation of variants by using special pipeline for WGS

Medical part:

  • Indications of WGS and strategies of analyses, whole genome vs. whole exome sequencing
  • Hands-on analysis of real WGS cases:
    • Filtering and evaluation of variants using databases
    • Interpretation and implication of clinical information
    • Reporting in light of clinical information, incidental findings

Quality management part:

  • Quality aspects of clinical diagnostics laboratory

Analyze and interpret data from your own sample:

Participants are encouraged to send a WGS sample (solo) which is covered by the fee  and will be subject for the individualized analysis within the workshop. Please contact us for these special conditions and further information.


2,800 EUR (incl. WGS single analysis with medical report)

The workshop fee further includes comprehensive workshop materials, catering during workshop, and a dinner. Computers are provided for data analysis. Free Wi-Fi will be available for tablet PCs or mobile phones.